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ForexAnomaly is a hybrid EA (automated + manual trading) that capture rapid changes in trend when the market “flips”. After a change in trend, ForexAnomaly EA will open between 1 to 5 orders (max.) in same direction. Every open order is monitored independently and will be closed based on overall strategy while maintaining its stop-loss level to a minimum. * * * Recommended Settings with 100:1 Leveraged Account: (1) LOT SIZE – Start with no more than 0.1 mini lots ($0.10 per 1 pip) for every $250 in your account. Example: for a $500 account set 0.2 ($500 / $250 x 0.1) mini lots, $1,000 = 0.4 mini lots, $3,000 = 1.2 mini lots, etc… (2) MAX OPEN TRADES – 5 orders (allowing ForexAnomaly five orders will help you establish the same results as ours). (3) COMMITMENT – Commit to follow ForexAnomaly for at least one month without turning it on and off before your final evaluation and comments.

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