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My trading system is based on the clear fulfillment of the basic rules of technical analysis. For different time intervals used their methods of analysis and indicators, depending in what phase is the market. The system was tested in different States of the market, as in a sustainable trend, and when the direction of motion is impossible to determine. The system automatically sends a signal that indicates the direction of the transaction, the entry point and a time interval for the tracking of the position. Stop order is always placed in the area of 35-55 points depending on the time interval, in which joined the system. The number of simultaneously opened orders also determined by the system and it closely tracks the border for which does not allows you to browse the rule of capital management. I beg You to understand – it’s not a robot, but only adviser, so it will be easier for me personally to respond to the impact of external factors of the fundamental analysis. I wish all of you good luck!

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